The title of this entry, a quote from a popular rap song, shows that speaking out for gay rights is not only right; its cool. This is especially hopeful for those of us who live in conservative states like Arizona and cities like Phoenix.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are a white rapping duo that has taken the rap world by storm. They have also set many records along the way (most notably receiving six MTV video music award nominations, a record for indie artists in the history of the awards).

Most notably, however, is not their success but instead the content of their songs. Perhaps the most amazing fact is that throughout all of their lyrics they speak out in support of gay rights. Again, with irony, while the hip hop community is famous for not only being homophobic but also using homophobic lyrics, they have done the opposite, again calling out fellow rappers for their homophobia…and it has brought them great success.

If you read the lyrics and watch the video to “Same Love,” a battle cry for marriage equality, you will see that they (white men), while calling out fellow (mostly black) artists for being homophobic depicts (in the video) the evolution of an interracial gay couple getting married juxtaposed against heart-wrenching images of the black civil rights movement. If it doesn’t choke you up to you may not be human like me.