This is the final post in my series discussing why it is important to hire an attorney to handle set aside and restoration of rights cases in Phoenix and throughout all of Arizona. In this series I have talked about the main issues that I have had people ask questions about over the years when it comes to set asides and restoring civil rights. The goal of this series was to help clear up the many misconceptions that are found when researching the benefits of getting a conviction set aside (often times statements about benefits that aren’t true).

I covered specific topics during my last several posts. Issues I examined included:

Any criminal conviction, even a misdemeanor DUI, can lead to many problems long after a person has completed their sentence. These problems include difficulty finding work, passing background checks, qualifying for housing, obtaining professional licenses, and of course the loss of many rights if the conviction is for a felony. Immigration consequences are also quite real, especially for those eligible for DACA and DAPA.

The purpose of this series was to both provide much needed information and to urge any resident of Phoenix and Arizona to speak with an attorney to discuss their case before moving forward. Many criminal defense lawyers provide free consultations. A consultation is an opportunity to tell someone with legal experience the specific aspects of your case and receive feedback on what to expect if you move forward, if you should wait, and other advice. Given that consultations are free, it is certainly worth contacting an attorney today.