Police officer placing man in carThis is the final post in my series on the handling of methamphetamine cases in Phoenix, Arizona. I have written the last several articles to assist those charged in such cases in understanding what to expect from the process and to stress the need to consult with an attorney immediately after having been arrested. In this conclusion I will recap the topics I have previously discussed and will also look at how our state is likely to handle such matters in the future.

I discussed several topics in my recent articles. Subjects I looked at included:

The main point that I stressed, throughout these articles, is that you should consult with counsel immediately regardless of your situation. It can be easy for a defendant to feel as if their situation is hopeless and that there is nothing they can do. As I have discussed, however, a lawyer may be able to dispute the admission of evidence which was collected in violation of one’s constitutional rights. If successful, this would essentially end a prosecution. There also be other defenses available. Furthermore, if one has previously been convicted and is now alleged to have violated their probation then counsel may be able to assist in having one reinstated. These are just some of the reasons why one who is accused should immediately seek assistance.

While America’s attitude towards marijuana is changing, its attitude towards methamphetamine is not. As I mentioned previously, this narcotic is exempted from Prop 200 and is treated much more strictly in our state. It should not be expected that this will change anytime soon. In addition to Phoenix, we service Maricopa County areas such as Mesa, Glendale, Scottsdale, Chandler, and Gilbert as well as Pima County residents in Tucson.